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I started my career as a general purpose front end developer. A couple of years in I found my first job at a Marketing Agency that used Divi exclusively. Over the course of that year I created dozens of Divi sites. You can find some of them in my portfolio.

After working for that agency I started freelancing. Mostly out of necessity than by choice. As a freelancer I used Beaver Builder. When I first purchased the license for Beaver Builder it seemed expensive at $199. That’s a big chunk of change for a small time WordPress developer.

I found the stock modules within Beaver builder to be basic. UABB was the solution to modern beautiful modules within Beaver Builder. The yearly license for UABB is $69, but if you want the lifetime license it’s going to cost you $249. I always go with lifetime licenses when available. Luckily I didn’t purchase the lifetime license of UABB since I’ve decided not to use BB anymore.

In order to create high quality dynamic sites Beaver Builder has a great solution called Themer. If you want to take advantage of the power behind Themer you’ll need to shell out an additional $149 bucks. One might reason, you’ll make your money back. Or, “It’s the cost of business.” The reality is that building sites using Beaver Builder or similar page builders hasn’t been lucrative for me and spending a whole lot of cash isn’t always doable.

When your Beaver Builder subscription expires you’ll lose access to the Beaver Builder domain manager. That’s a huge drawback because you’ll lose the ability to manage your Beaver Builder based sites. Beaver Builder does offer a discount with renewed subscriptions, but here’s the bottom line… it’s expensive to use Beaver Builder and there is no significant advantage over Divi, Visual Composer, Elementor or any of the other page builders.

Here’s the cost to operate a full featured Beaver Builder package

– $199 yearly for the BB license
– $ 69 yearly for UABB
– $149 yearly for Themer

My advice to newcomers would be to save your money and use a basic page builder such as Visual Composer, use Advanced Custom Fields PRO & Custom Post Types. Lastly, don’t rely exclusively on page builders. Use them to save time. Build up your coding skills and learn actual theme development. Consider the cost because when it’s time to renew you may not be able to afford them.