About GWC

Gabriel Valdivia

Front-end Web Developer

I’ve been working as a front-end web developer for 7 years now, 9 if you count 2 years of Graphic Web Design at DeVry University. I’ve worked as a front-end developer for various creative agencies in Portland, Oregon and have a background in HTML/CSS/jQuery/JS, WordPress, HTML emails, and coding sites from scratch using Foundation & Bootstrap. My mainstay is freelance work for other creative agencies. My newest client is 5SE as top-notch creative agency based out of Boston, MA & Portland, OR. I’ve also been the main developer and designer for Stoute Web Solutions. See some our of the work I’ve done for Stoute Web Solutions here. Another awesome client is MSCBOnline a marketing agency from Florida. I have other clients that like to keep a low profile, and I’d be happy to discuss them with you on a case by case basis.